"If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it" Albert Einstein

SO:STUDIO is aaaaaaa photo studio, animation studio, graphic design studio, film postproduction studio... Mixing media however it wants and delivering the best effects. Always begins with the idea, finding a way to realize it. There are still many inventions to be done.

Zofia Strzelecka built her first photo darkroom at age 14, when 18 started studies at University of Fine Arts in PoznaƄ beggining with visual communication, meanwhile won a scholarchip at Academy of Fine Arts Architecture and Design in Prague /Photography/. In 2006 Master of Arts in Photography & Master of Arts in Animation. Works as freelance motion designer/animator and photographer. Took part in several film festival, made some opening titles for TV and film. Would be glad to work with you.

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